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Lash artists ! Want to learn the whispy training ? It’s the hottest new look that clients are loving. Triple your income by offering this hot look to your clients.

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My Online whispy kylie Course Cuts Out The Bullshit. Backed By Scientific Research, Hard Won Life Experience, And A Little Common Sense. No Nonsense. Just Real Results. You Don’t Have To Be an “Amazing lash artist “ To Have High paying clients and beautiful work .But There Is One Mistake That You Cannot Make. That mistake is not investing in extra training in order to perfect your skills.
  • Are you tired of clients u devaluing your work ?
  • Not paying you what you deserve to get paid as a lash artist and a professional ?
  • Are you not confident enough in your lash artistry to start charging more ?

my online course "WHISPY LASHES"

I created this online course for lash artists that want to learn the newest most exciting technique that clients are asking for. The most important part is that clients are willing to pay for it, because you will stand out from other lash artists, by demonstrating your expertise and offering a technique that is sweeping the lash industry like a storm. Be one of the first lash artists to offer the Kylie whispy lashes, also known as the Kim K lashes to your clients.

This online course is a simple multiple video program that takes you from not knowing anything about doing whispy lashes all the way to knowing everything you need to know in order to perfect your whispy sets.

It isn’t filled with unnecessary techniques or complicated theories. It’s just a simple, step by step process, that helps you learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do in order to impress your clients with this amazing new technique that will allow you to charge what you are worth.

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Bonus information included

  • How to convince clients you are the right artist for the job
  • Exclusive whispy lash maps only available in this course
  • Coloured whispy lash maps only available in this course


For $499 you get full access to all the video lessons, essays, exercises, and bonus content today. No annoying subscription. No hassle. All under the 30 day money back guarantee.

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