Glues / removers

    • Flavored Melting Cream Remover

      • CAD: C$27.73

      Flavored Melting Cream Remover Removing eyelash extensions is now easier than ever before with the premium ThousandLashes mango melting gel remover a fast and quick […]

    • Lash Adhesive Cure Aid: Speed Curing Solution

      • CAD: C$38.29

      Lash Adhesive Cure Aid: Speed Curling Solution. When your adhesive starts acting like a DIVA and refuses to cooperate with your room temperature and humidity […]

    • Lash Adhesive Cure Bundle: Perfect Pair

      • CAD: C$97.71

      Lash Adhesive Cure Bundle a perfect pair to add on your lash supplies. A lash adhesive curing aid and the crowd favorite adhesive that works […]

    • Lash Glues for Professional Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$158.45

      Adhesive Trio Kit is our ThousandLashes’ best-selling glues in a kit. This kit consists of Velour, Ultra Crystal Bond and Ultra Crystal Clear Bond. The […]

    • ThousandLashes’ Lash Adhesive Power Duo

      • CAD: C$91.11

      Power Adhesive Duo consists of our 2 best-seller Velour and Ultra Crystal Bond. Velour First of all, this lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar! Drying […]

    • Velour Lash Adhesive

      • CAD: C$72.63

      The Velour lash adhesive This Velour lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar!   Drying time is just right and it just grabs to the natural lashes […]

    • Monthly Subscription Delivery for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$64.70

      1 lash tray ( your choice)

      1 lash glue ( your choice )

      Pick your choice

    • Gel Remover for Eyelash Extensions

      • CAD: C$33.01

      Cream-Gel Remover is a high-quality eyelash extensions product. Thanks to its special chemical formula, this Remover does not damage natural lashes. This remover is suitable for all skin types, even for those clients who have sensitive eyes.

      Lash extensions glue remover has a creamy texture which prevents remover from running into the client’s eye.

    • Incredible Retention Primer for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$34.33

      Incredible Retention Primer for Eyelash Extension Lash Primer is great to tackle those retention issues. It improves the attachment of lash extensions to the natural […]

    • Eyelash Extension Glue: Ultra Crystal Clear Bond

      • CAD: C$58.10

      Our personal favorite Lash Glue is our ThousandLashes’ Ultra Crystal Clear Bond. It is a very flexible adhesive with a wide humidity and temperature range. […]

    • Lash Adhesive-ThousandLashes’ Ultra Crystal Bond

      • CAD: C$58.10

      Ultra Crystal Bond This phenomenal lash adhesive is a favorite for many lash artists. Drying time is  0.5- 1 second. The perfect glue to use […]

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