adhesive bond

    • Clear Acrylic Lash Organizer: Stay Organized

      • CAD: C$64.70

      Clear Acrylic Lash Organizer design keeps all your lash supplies neat and tidy, making it exceptionally easy to access what you need when you need […]

    • Deluxe Beginner Kit for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$328.79

      Deluxe Beginner Kit for Eyelash Extension has all the amazing tools you need for your unique journey. Our goal is to empower and support you […]

    • Glue Shaker Machine – Electric Mixer

      • CAD: C$38.29

      Glue Shaker Machine Eyelash Extensions What it is: Are you looking for a professional, yet affordable eyelash glue shaker? Are you in search of a […]

    • Lash Adhesive Cure Aid: Speed Curing Solution

      • CAD: C$38.29

      Lash Adhesive Cure Aid: Speed Curling Solution. When your adhesive starts acting like a DIVA and refuses to cooperate with your room temperature and humidity […]

    • Lash Adhesive Cure Bundle: Perfect Pair

      • CAD: C$97.71

      Lash Adhesive Cure Bundle a perfect pair to add on your lash supplies. A lash adhesive curing aid and the crowd favorite adhesive that works […]

    • Lash Glues for Professional Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$158.45

      Adhesive Trio Kit is our ThousandLashes’ best-selling glues in a kit. This kit consists of Velour, Ultra Crystal Bond and Ultra Crystal Clear Bond. The […]

    • Lash Mannequin Training Head Kit

      • CAD: C$223.16

      Lash mannequin Training head  The most realistic way to practice doing lash extensions for beginners lash artists. You will  speed up your learning because you […]

    • Surprise Lash Package: Are you feeling lucky today?

      • CAD: C$51.50

      Surprise Lash Package Are you feeling lucky today? We just launched a surprising lash artist package. You will receive 100$ worth of lash accessories and […]

    • ThousandLashes’ Lash Adhesive Power Duo

      • CAD: C$91.11

      Power Adhesive Duo consists of our 2 best-seller Velour and Ultra Crystal Bond. Velour First of all, this lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar! Drying […]

    • Velour Lash Adhesive

      • CAD: C$72.63

      The Velour lash adhesive This Velour lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar!   Drying time is just right and it just grabs to the natural lashes […]

    • Lash Tape for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$13.20 - C$39.61

      Lash Tape for Eyelash Extension is great for multi-purpose use during the lash extension procedure. You can use it under the eye instead of gel […]

    • Monthly Subscription Delivery for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$64.70

      1 lash tray ( your choice)

      1 lash glue ( your choice )

      Pick your choice

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