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    • Beginners Lash Tweezers Kit: 5-in-1 Tweezers

      • CAD: C$170.34

      5 of our most popular lash tweezers are now available to purchase in this bundle. Our mega volume tweezers are hand tested with 0.03 lashes, […]

    • Clear Acrylic Lash Organizer: Stay Organized

      • CAD: C$64.70

      Clear Acrylic Lash Organizer design keeps all your lash supplies neat and tidy, making it exceptionally easy to access what you need when you need […]

    • L Curl Colored Lashes for Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$23.77

      L Curl Colored Lashes for Eyelash Extension make your eyes more charming and attractive. These babies allow a lash artist to create dimensions of lash […]

    • L Shape Tweezer

      • CAD: C$34.33

      L Shape: L shape lash extension tweezers are excellent tools for handmade volume fans and picking up and attaching them. This is a great tweezer for beginners as well as seasoned lash artists.

    • Lash Glues for Professional Eyelash Extension

      • CAD: C$158.45

      Adhesive Trio Kit is our ThousandLashes’ best-selling glues in a kit. This kit consists of Velour, Ultra Crystal Bond and Ultra Crystal Clear Bond. The […]

    • Lash Wand Tube: Multifunctional Lash Brush

      • CAD: C$13.20 - C$112.24

      Lash Wand Tube: Multifunctional Lash Brush. Looking for a perfect solution to package your eyelash cleaning brush that is compact, disposable, and can multifunction? Well, […]

    • Ombré Lashes: Seashell Case

      • CAD: C$29.05

      Ombré Lashes: Seashell Case is designed to complement the color of your client’s eyes without diminishing their natural beauty, these lashes will give them the […]

    • Straight Isolation Tweezer: Isolating and Popping

      • CAD: C$42.25

      Straight Isolation Tweezer Leave a comment on your order if you need our lash artists to test your tweezers with a special request (like 0.03 […]

    • Surprise Lash Package: Are you feeling lucky today?

      • CAD: C$51.50

      Surprise Lash Package Are you feeling lucky today? We just launched a surprising lash artist package. You will receive 100$ worth of lash accessories and […]

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