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Eye Gel Pads Patches

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  • Ideal for eyelash extension supplies – Lint-free hydrogel eye patch can avoid lashes sticking to the gel pads, cover all the under lashes. Especially for salon professionalist using in the lash extension, make your work faster and cleaner.
  • Save time prepping the eyelash extension. These under-eye patches are designed with Flex-Form technology to create a custom fit for all different eye shapes and sizes.
  • The eye pads for lash extensions are used during the eyelash extension process for client comfort. These Eye patches stimulate the skin’s collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment.
  • 100% natural plant extract eye pads, moisture and tighten your skin, no irritation to eyes.

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We have all been there…you are in the middle of performing your lash magic and the corners of your eyepatch just won’t stop lifting! So frustrating!

What it is:

Eye Gel Pads Patches are made of silicone which allows the eyepatch to stick better to your clients’ skin. No more dealing with uncooperative eyepatches!

The eye gel pads patches for lash extensions are used during the eyelash extension process for client comfort. These eye patches stimulate the skin’s collagen to brighten the skin under the eye during the eyelash extension treatment.

Why it’s special:

Keep Moisture

  • The firming and brightening eye patches use the newest technology
  • Slowly releases moisture and nutrients to your eye area by harnessing the warmth of your skin.
  • As a result, your under-eye area is more hydrated, less puffy.

Stick firmly In Place

  • When used during the eyelash extensions service, it holds down the lower lashes while giving a luxurious treatment.

Lint Free

  • As it is lint-free, there are no stray strands of lint or fiber to spoil the look of your eyelash extensions.

Good to know:

Smooth and Comfortable

  • Eye gel pads are used to cover and protect the lower lashes during the eyelash extension application process.
  • The material is extremely comfy and the pads are easy to apply

How to apply lash patches

Fitting eyelash extension pads is the first step. Depending on the size and curve of the client’s eyes, different eye pads will achieve the desired effect. Have the client look up at the ceiling is also generally very helpful. You can start at the edge of the lower lid waterline and gently press it down. Use your full hers and the tip of the tweezers to gently adjust the lash patches to the client’s desired comfort level. Ensure that you are always asking the clients if they are comfortable.



How many gel patches are in a box?

You will get 10 pairs in a box.
Yes, they are lint-free.

30 reviews for Eye Gel Pads Patches

  1. Karen

    I’ve been lashing for years, and I must say these are one of the best pads I’ve tried. Amazing Top quality not your typical thin almost transparent pads.

  2. Nicole

    Quick delivery good product.

  3. Amanda

    Easy to apply and it’s stay well (other brands I tried are slide around)

  4. Elena Ada

    I can’t wait to restock this product, I am how amazing this products.

  5. Cassia

    I’ve purchased these several times with no issues. I use them for several services in my spa business.

  6. Hanna Lopes

    The best under eye pads for lash extensions. I never get complaints from my clients about discomfort. They don’t slide if a client’s eyes water, which is a huge plus! Definitely recommend for lash artists

  7. Valerie Rio

    I love these pads. They hold down the bottom
    Lashes without irritating my clients

  8. Tammy

    Very good quality, It holds the bottom lashes great. I have tried a lot of eye pads, but this one is the best!

  9. Amanda

    Just the right amount of sticky. The to crinkle or fold. Great eye pads for lashing.

  10. Alexandra

    I liked the no lint feature and it worked exactly like it said it would. It stayed on the undereye area without slipping and didn’t irritate the skin at all. Good purchase!

  11. Crystal

    This product is great. It does the job for lash extensions. I like how moist they are and they do stay put on the client’s lashes unless they start to tear up like crazy.

  12. Hanna

    Oh, I’m so happy. I FINALLY can get my lashes done and not have a week-long under eyes that look like I got punched in the face. The comfort level is fantastic and absolutely worth every penny.

  13. Hanna

    I use these for eyelash extensions. They don’t hold the bottom lashes down perfectly throughout the full service, but if we’re being honest I have yet to try an under eye gel pad that does. I Always put the gel pad on the bottom lashes and add a layer of tape to hold the lashes down. The gel pad adds comfort for the client, while the tape actually holds the lashes down, win-win. For the quantity and the cost, I would definitely purchase these again.

  14. Loudesther

    My clients love this!! It really comfortable and the gel moisturizes the under eye really well! You have to use tape on top, otherwise, it will slip!

  15. Glez Yael

    The best under eye gel pads ever. Will not use nothing but these. My favorite

  16. Elizabeth

    These are so cute !!!! I love the individual packaging and color. They apply very Easy and stay applied throughout the lash process.

  17. Nathalia Dela

    I love how you can almost get all of the lower lashes of my clients. Never had a reaction and Clients love the cooling feeling as well!!

  18. Magda Michelle

    I am a junior lash artist and I’m constantly trying new products. I was horrible at applying gel pads because they would never stick. I thought I was doing something wrong until I bought these and they are worth the investment. They stick so well and do not move. I tried them on myself and they make my skin feel so tight and fresh.

  19. Dail P.

    They are amazingly sticky with no extra moisture. Perfect for eyelash extensions application. They are thin and stick to the skin perfectly without moving around.

  20. Alexandra

    I just recently started using these and they work great for me. I sometimes have to add a few pieces of tape but overall they are comfortable, no chemicals, they stay cool under the eyes. Good buy.

  21. sara

    Love these. Stay on pretty good when applying for lash extensions. Color is cute too. Unlike other, under-eye pads these were packaged in good condition, and without mold or residue like other brands, I purchase on Amazon.

  22. Terrell

    Sticks very well. No eye irritation. I’ve used many under-eye gel pads for lash extensions. Stuck well and no irritation. Very satisfied!

  23. Alyssa T

    I have been using these pads for years on my eyelash extension clients – They stay in place, don’t leave a residue from the gel pad and are lint free. I will continue to order this brand, as it’s the best value for my money and they work beautifully to separate the lower lash line from the upper lash line.

  24. Kathy Martinez

    I wanted this specific gel pad because there are other ones that makes my eye itch. This one doesn’t do that and I LOVE the COOLING Effect it has once applied to the under eye skin area. Its not so sticky where I feel I am trying to pull dead skin off. The lightness and padding of the with this product also helps calm my dark circles too. This is versatile as I use these gel pads when doing heavy make up and don’t want to get dusting of product to the under eye area.

  25. Collin Garcia

    They are very thin and flexible, perfect for doing lash extensions and lash lift/tints. Holds the bottom lashes down and stays in place and does not slide easily. You can readjust many, many times and it still stays where you put it! I will definitely be buying again for use in my aesthetics/tattoo shop.

  26. Natalie

    I’m so happy to work with this jel pads .Good quality sticks and fast shipping

  27. Eve Lyn

    I had to leave a review because I’ve been doing lashes for 3 years and this is the ONLY gel pad I’ve tried that has worked really well, lint-free and it’s sticky enough to hold its place. It was my first time ordering this and I was nervous it wouldn’t be good but now I won’t go anywhere else. I recommend this for all lash artists!!!

  28. Alyssa S

    I bought these specifically for eyelash extensions. I tested a pair out on my boyfriend before using on a client and they stick nicely. They aren’t too sticky, but they also didn’t budge on his face. There was no kind of residue left after removing the pads. Super happy with this purchase!

  29. Kendra Buhrle

    Very good love that the colors help with clients who have blonde eyelashes

  30. Annie Miller

    This is very useful. And I love the colors. This is super comfy and no ouchie feeling for clients.

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