ThousandLashes’ Lash Adhesive Power Duo

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Power Adhesive Duo consists of our 2 best-seller Velour and Ultra Crystal Bond.


First of all, this lash adhesive is our NEW Rockstar! Drying time is just right, as a result, it just grabs to the natural lashes and fans don’t close.

  • The perfect glue to use in various humidities.
  • It is incredibly flexible
  • Adjusts fabulously most temperatures and humidities.

Product Description

  • Drying Time: 0.5 second
  • Retention: 7 – 8 weeks
  • Viscosity: very thin
  • Color: seamless black
  • Lower fumes
  • Latex Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Humidity: 25% – 75%
  • Temperature 65 – 78 F.
  • Recommended for intermediate artists

Ultra Crystal Bond

This glue bond lashes for up to 8 weeks! It has a very thin consistency and rapid dry as a result it makes volume lashing so much easier.

This glue has the best retention on the market, therefore, it has significantly helped to reduce the time and amount of work with your touch-ups.

Above all, clients tend to love this adhesive since it does not have a strong odor. It doesn’t leave any residue or film on the lashes.

Product Description

  • Drying time – 0.5-1 second
  • Retention – 8 weeks
  • Viscosity – very thin
  • Color – seamless black
  • Minimum fumes
  • Flexible structure

For humid climates or in the summer may require a professional dehumidifier.


  • All lash adhesives need to be handled with extreme caution and the utmost care.
  • When opening any bottle of adhesive, you must open it away from your client. 
  • Excessive amounts of glue on the skin may cause burns to the skin or hair.
  • Thousandlashes is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive.




Retention will be 7-8 weeks.
It sets in 0.5 -1 second
The adhesive works best in humidity between 25 - 45% 
Storage life is approximately 6 months unopened or 4-6 weeks after opening.
The temperature should be between 60 -73 degrees F.

19 reviews for ThousandLashes’ Lash Adhesive Power Duo

  1. Rachel

    This is my 1st time using this glue and so far so good. The fumes were low and didn’t burn my eyes.

  2. Natasha

    Love this adhesive, it’s available prime, great consistency, low fume and My clients have great retention. I refer it to all my students 🥰

  3. Leatricia

    I tried this glue and LOVE it! Works well, great retention, and quick drying.

  4. Ellie

    I used this glue on a client and there was no complaints of burning. Dipping the glue was good. Not too thick and I was able to get the right amount of glue. We will see about retention.

  5. Marie Chua

    Stayed on for almost 2 weeks! Was nicely tacky without being too slick. It was easier to apply by first dabbing some onto a surface, then using tweezers to dip the lashes in before application. Less is more

  6. Gladys Soriano

    I used this lash glue on a few clients to test it out! I have to say I am very impressed, it is very strong but sensitive and my clients had no reaction to it which is a plus.

  7. Nancy A.

    Great product my clients have had an actual 6- week hold! Will definitely purchase again

  8. Virginia M.

    First of all, I just finished working with my client and I have to say I’m impressed. I’m always skeptical when trying a new adhesive but this was impressively different. Drying time was fast and great.

  9. Linda

    I love how fast the glue sets I was able to work fast!

  10. Harmony

    Great adhesive for lash extensions!!! If you are used to doing lash extensions it should work great for you, but I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner (aka me) because of the quick curing time (~1-2 seconds).

  11. Julia

    I’m so excited about this glue recommendation from my friend. I like how it dries quickly and adheres right when you set it down my last glue took a bit too dry and sometimes would move the eyelash around when I blinked. I soak my lashes in a cup of hot water and it came right away. It’s easy to remove also.

  12. Yana G

    This glue is sooo good! Retention is amazing and I don’t have any problems with stickies or burning. Highly recommend

  13. Mariana Rios (verified owner)

    Works great & I Haven’t had no issues so far. Love the bundle

  14. Marnie Salvotor

    I already know the quality of these glue. I bought this because they made it together and i got so much savings.

  15. Sarah N.

    The product itself works very well. It adheres and adheres WELL! Dries super fast! My only complaint, is actually not at all the fault of the manufacturer or the product really; but I seem to be allergic to this adhesive. This is the first time ever having lash extensions, so I’m sure I’m probably allergic to other kinds as well.

  16. Sophie

    Love this glue! Super easy to work with. Does not dry out fast. And great for sensitive eyes. I get stickies with some other adhesive but with this one no stickies and it was such a smooth application!Highly recommend

  17. Alma Marquez

    So I recently have started to do lashes, and let me tell you guys… I’ve tried both high end and average priced lash supplies, and compared, only to find out that I stick with ThousandLashes for everything. Lash cleanser, Lash Primer, Lash Sets, and their adhesive ❤️ I am very thorough with what I intend to buy with my clients and wish to give them only the best, and I truly feel like I hit it with ThousandLashes products. I definitely have fallen in love with how the adhesive works though.. very easy to work with, the drying time for this is just perfect, and I’ve seen countless other lash techs raving about this adhesive, and yes, it is worth the hype.

    ThousandLashes' Lash Adhesive Power Duo
  18. Janna

    My favourite glue ever best retentions 4-6 weeks not toxic easy to work with and fast shipping. Highly recommend this store

  19. Marinella Solis

    I’m really impressed with these adhesives duo, especially at this great price point! The retention my clients get from this (with proper aftercare of course) is great, usually, I’m doing fills every 2-3 weeks and they tend to have well over 40% of their lashes still adhered.

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